Job Descriptions

Board Job Descriptions

The President will:
• Oversee all board activities
• Schedule, set up, and chair regular board meetings and the Annual General Meeting
• work with Vice-President and Secretary to prepare agendas
• oversee committees and act as an ex-officio member
• oversee EFA activities and events
• work with Director - Industry Liaison to communicate and maintain good relationships
with various other organizations
• liaise with other organizations
• maintain good communication with EFA members
• assist in developing policies in tandem with the Board
• Oversee strategic planning (with Vice-President)
• Liaise with librarian

The Vice-President will:
• in the absence of the President, chair all meetings of the EFA
• work with President to prepare agendas
• assist President as required
• monitor the EFA email account
• assemble supporting documents and write grant proposals
• develop and implement a strategy to secure funding from government and
• entities in a manner that supports the strategic needs and goals of the EFA
• take a lead role in identifying diverse funding opportunities
• ensure compliance with grant requirements from funding agencies
• maintain records of grant submissions and outcomes
• assist in developing policies in tandem with the Board

The Treasurer will:
• prepare yearly budgets as well as committee and large event budgets
• receive and deposit any money paid to the EFA into the EFA’s bank account
• keep an account of the EFA’s funds
• present a detailed account of the EFA’s books to the Board or any member in good
standing whenever requested
• provide the year-end detailed accounting to the auditors elected at the AGM
• present a financial statement at the Annual General Meeting
• assist in developing policies

The Secretary will:
• create meeting agendas with President and Vice-President
• attend all meetings of the EFA and of the Board
• will record accurate minutes at these meetings
• in the Secretary’s absence, another Board member will record minutes
• distribute meeting notices and supporting documents
• keep track of all correspondence of the EFA Board and file all documents requiring
permanent retention in the corporate minute book
• keep a record of all EFA members and their addresses
• collect and receive annual membership fees and submit to Treasurer
• record EFA event attendance

Director of Communications
The Director of Communications will:
• keep up to date the EFA Website and social media accounts
• Prepare newsletters, with assistance of Director of Public Relations
• ensure quality control of all information released
• develop and implement social media strategies
• create and implement advertising to raise awareness among members and the public
• assist in developing policies

Director of Industry Liaison
The Director of Industry Liaison will:
• liaise with businesses and other organizations when collaborating on events

Director of Events
The Director of Events will coordinate small events and programming as well as the Annual
General Meeting by:
• leading committee to plan events including:
o booking venue
o contacting facilitators
o coordinate set-up and clean-up for all events
o maintain supplies for events
• assist in developing policies
NOTE: If this position cannot be filled by a board member, the role may be filled by a

Director of Public Relations
• Connect with Edmonton Music and Speech Arts Festival to prepare scholarship requirements
• Connect with other organizations
• ArtsVest - participate and administer (communicate with ArtsVest; complete evaluations; set up mentor meetings; etc.)
• Prepare newsletters with Director Communications

Directors at Large
Directors at Large will:
• attend board meetings
• provide high-level oversight of Board activities
• participate in committee work as needed
• assist in developing policies

The Librarian will:
• oversee the collection and lending duties.
• send library reports to the EFA annually and as requested
• attend Board meetings

Volunteer Positions:
Past President
The Past President will:
• act as a resource for current board members to ensure continuity of knowledge

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