Flute Day Workshops 2020

Open Flute Choir Workshop:

Bring your flute, as well as piccolo, alto flute or bass flute and read through some flute choir pieces with Linda Lucyk and Tara Semple. We’ll explore music at a variety of levels and show off what a full flute choir is capable of! We’ll have parts for all levels of playing, so bring a stand and come read through some great pieces!

Long & McQuade will also be on-site with a variety of alto flutes and bass flutes for use during this workshop!

Intro to Jazz Workshop:

In our Introduction to Jazz Flute session, Marie-Veronique Bourque will be working on topics that will get you on the path to sounding like a jazz master! She’ll be talking about the process of improvisation, jazz articulations and accents, and playing with an authentic swing feel. She’ll also talk a bit about some jazz theory like the relationship between chords and scales and learning about the 12 bar blues. You’ll also get to play some tunes as part of a jazz flute ensemble and she’ll be showing you some great jazz flute resources! 

Irish Traditional Music Workshop:

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a reel, a jig and a hornpipe? Or maybe you’ve never heard ANY of those words before! Come and learn about traditional Irish dance music, including the different types of tunes, the ornamentation (so you sound like a REAL trad player!) and what makes these tunes so catchy and fun to play! Bring your regular flute, but if you have a tin whistle in D or a simple system flute, bring that along as well, as you’ll be able to learn a bit more about the traditional ornamentation on those instruments! We’ll explore some simple tunes and even put them together in a flute choir format as well! 

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